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Bitcoin Miner - BTC cloud mining. Crypto miners to earn satoshis

Penambang Bitcoin – Penambangan awan BTC. Penambang kripto untuk mendapatkan satoshik

Bitcoin miner is crypto mining app, sometimes it is the earnings of Satoshi, and the way to attract attention…
Bitcoin miner is able to participate in the process of cloud miner.

A short history of cryptocurrency can be described by answering 4 questions:

Who is the creator ?
The founders of the cryptocurrency are someone under the pseudonym Satoshi. Most likely, it isn’t one person, but a group of people. But so far, it hasn’t been possible to establish exactly who created satoshi.
The smallest Bitcoin unit “satoshi” is named after its creator.

What age has BTC?
Bitcoin’s birthday is January 3, 2009 (if coin were a human, he would be a zodiac Capricorn). It was on this day that block and 50 BTC coins were generated.
On January 12, Satoshi Nakamoto sent Hal Finney 10 BTC. The first exchange of Satoshi for money took place in September 2009.
In 2020, Bitcoin was 11 years old

-How many BTC exists?
The free cryptocurrency has limited emissions. That is, the maximum number of bits is known in advance and is written in the crypto software code. Thus, a total of 21 million btc will be issued and not a coin more.
At the same time, as the number of Bitcoins already in circulation increases, the production of new ones becomes more complicated.
It is expected that the last Bitcoin will be produced in 2140.

How much do we have now?
Currently, more than 18.65 million people are in circulation. The quantity of Bitcoin crypto extracted varies approximately every 10 minutes as new crypto elements are extracted.

Back to our bitcoin miner . We have decided to create project for you in which YOU can mine for yourself a certain quantity of coins free of charge, basing on real speed and equipment characteristics of existing on market.
With this example, you can experience the whole process of cloud mining and possible earnings in a global project of cloud mining cryptocurrency. But our app not only makes money, it’s rather an opportunity to make a decision about your participation in this business.

BTC miner capabilities:
– Observe possibilities of cloud mining;
– Take and put your crypto coins in your wallet!
– Referee system: get bonuses for each guest – help us make our project popular:
– Convenient and safe to use, just be with us and receive a reward every day:
BTC miner (Crypto miner) is a free bitcoin miner application with a pleasant and simple interface. We guarantee your account privacy and security.

BTC (Crypto miner) is the King of Crypto. BTC is the most popular cryptocurrency in terms of volume of purchases and sales. The bitcoin network consists of connected crypto transactions. The process of earning a crypto coin is called the cryptocurrency mining
Other popular crypts are Dogecoin, Litecoin, BTC, ETH and others.



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